some events we’re involved in

Case Studies of some events:

Youth Night at General Assembly
(coming soon)

Carol Service 2008

Multimedia Good Friday Labyrinth

Most of the Deep River team are involved in the Deeper monthly worship event at St Silas in Glasgow which takes place on the 3rd Sunday of the month. 

This is our core event where a great deal of the inspiration and innovation comes from.



  1.   2009 Dec - St Silas Carol Service production

  2.   2009 Oct - redesign web site using iWeb

  3.   2009 July - CLANkidz - running all video and tech support for children’s work at CLAN Gathering, this year included use of sms text responses.

  4.   2009 May - Youth Night at the General Assembly - VJing setup with 8 projectors, two macs and operators using Grand VJ

  5.   2009 April - Training evening for Easy Worship operators,

  6.   2009 April - Good Friday all day Labyrinth at St Silas

  7.   2009 Feb - started using Grand VJ for mixing at each Deeper service.

  8.   2009 Jan - Experimented with new widesscreen designed using shower curtains - works well if you are careful with storage and installation.


  1.   2008 Dec - Multimedia Carol Service

  2.   2008 Nov - Graham has video installation in Stations of Grace art exhibition at St Mary’s Cathedral

  3.   2008 July - CLANkidz - running all visuals for children’s work at CLAN Gathering

  4.   2008 Apr - Graham started Christian Visualist Blog

  5.   2008 Feb - Training event in multimedia worship for Gilmerton New Church

  6.   2008 Jan - Deep Impact youthworker conference, Aviemore.  DeepRiver provided the worship band for all main sessions, late night worship and also presented a seminar on creative worship


  1.   2007 Dec - Multimedia Carol Service

  2.   2007 July - CLANkidz - running all visuals for children’s work at CLAN Gathering

  3.   2007 Jan - Deep Impact youthworker conference, Aviemore.  Graham provided video mixing for during worship sessions


  1.   2006 Dec - Multimedia Carol Service

  2.   2006 July - CLANkidz - running all visuals for children’s work at CLAN Gathering

  3.   2006 Apr - First Good Friday Labyrinth


  1. 2005 Dec - Multimedia Carol Service

  2.   2005 Sep - Filmed an anniversary event for Firestarters UK

  3.   2005 Sep - Purchased replacement Canon MVX200i camcorder

  4.   2005 Aug - BLACK SUNDAY 21st Aug: St Silas broken into during our training weekend and we lost all cameras, apple powerbook, 8 MiniDV tapes with work still to be done, backup HDD, backup CDs - basically lots of work and all our equipment!

  5.   2005 Aug - Purchased Canon MVX200i camcorder Aug 2005 Training weekend for team from Inverness on how to mix visuals for worship

  6.   2005 July - 21st July 2005 - the first ever DeepRiver AGM, at which we agreed our constitution and invited members to join and support DeepRiver in its endeavours. And we had a BBQ.

  7.   2005 May - Purchased Nikon Coolpix 5900 digital stills camera

  8.   2005 Feb - Produce Stills CD and built original Deep River web site

  9.   2005 Jan - Deep Impact youthworker conference, Aviemore. Graham and Ross provided video mixing support for main worship sessions

  10.   2005 Jan - Purchased Canon MVX3i camcorder


  1.   2004 - Graham and Ross first start to develop the idea of Deep River as a way of bringing together the resources we have created for ‘The River’ and ‘Deeper’ and looking for opportunities to use visuals (especially video) within worship.

  2.   2003 Oct - first DEEPER service - once a month Sunday evening service borrowing a lot of elements of The River.  Deeper is planned by a small group of people with all the elements of the service tying together to whatever topic is being presented.

  3.   2003 Apr - The River stops

  4.   2000 Jan - St Silas begins an ‘alternative’ worship service once a month on a Friday night called which used lots of media and didn’t have a sermon, called The River. Graham, Ross, Jenny, Jo all involved in The River. Planning, generating ideas, gathering resources and taking lots of pictures.