Ross’s Choice
Places ?

“The world is your oyster” as they say, however, in this case I would suggest you stick to the greater Glasgow area and preferably somewhere that I don’t have to eat Oysters.  Apart from that the choice is yours.

To give you some ideas of places:

- Balbirs - where our stag and hen nights were

  1. -Mzouda - been, liked, blogged

  2. -The Ivy - we haven’t been yet but it has been recommended.

  3. -...or anywhere you like!


As your very special birthday present this year I have put together this page! 

The purpose of the page is to invite you and your good lady wife, out for a special celebratory meal in your honour with D’ and I

I have indicated on the right some dates which may work in the coming month.  If, of course, you procrastinate or are unable to make any of these I will update the page with information for March, and so on.  I have also made these dates available on a doodle poll if that is more convenient.

Also, on the right you will find a limited selection of suggestions for places where we might go.  This is not exhaustive, in deed not much thought has gone into it at all so feel free to cast the net more widely

About Ross


Happy Birthday Ross

Dates ?

Our available dates are in green below:

however, these may be subject to change as I am not always aware of what it has been agreed that I will do.

I have included the 17th in case you want to make it a pre-theatre before ALL NEW PEOPLE at the Kings.